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Book your private event at Outer Space Seattle and have the whole space to yourself! Private Parties are a perfect way to let your kids have fun while only being in contact with the people you are comfortable with.  
NEW: Book your holiday party or family gathering Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday Evenings!
Private Parties are offered Saturdays & Sundays. Unlisted dates are SOLD OUT. 
For any questions please email us at


Private Party 

Our parties are two hours long and cost $350 plus tax. Parties are for up to 40 people, which includes both adults and children.  During the party you are responsible for supervising your guests, so make sure you have enough adults on the premises with you to help if you are having a drop-off party.


At Outer Space Seattle we have something for all ages- even grownups are allowed into the playground to assist younger children. We also have lower level activities including a playroom. We provide tables, table covers, chairs, and post party clean up (Yes, we handle the clean up!). Decorations are not included. You may bring food with you - Cakes, cupcakes, donuts all welcome! Please note that we are a peanut-free and alcohol free facility. You may arrive 15 minutes early to set up. $350 plus tax. No walk-in parties allowed. All parties must be reserved ahead of time.



We have our own ventilation system that runs 24/7. This means we do not share the same air as Cactus Restaurant or Locust Cider. We also have added air purifiers and a large garage door that we can open, weather permitting, for fresh air.


Plates, napkins, cups available for $10 + tax, per 10 guests

Socks are available for $2 + tax a pair

Cancelation policy

We require that parties are rescheduled or canceled at least 2 weeks before the beginning of your appointment. Cancellations require 14 day notice for refund, minus $60 booking fee. If you cancel your party less than 14 days before your scheduled event, you forfeit the $350 fee. We try to work with all customers to reschedule as best we can. For cancellations of any kind, including family emergencies or sickness, please email


Party Tips & Tricks

We’ve had a lot of birthday parties. We like to think we are experts in the art of party-ing. Here are some of our tried and true tips for a successful party:


Let the kids be kids. Our staff will go over the playground rules upon arrival, but let them have fun and go a little wild. This is the perfect place for them to let out their energy. 


Sugar rush is real.  We recommend serving your desserts halfway through your party. That way the kids have an hour to burn off the sugar.

Don’t stress the mess. Clean up is included in our party service. Enjoy your party and don’t worry about tidying up, we’ve got it covered! 


Party Favors at the door. Saying goodbye is hard. Handing out party favors as kids leave helps facilitate a smooth exit. It also prevents party favors from being left behind. 



Things to share with your guests:

  • Socks are Required.

  • We are a Fragrance Free and Peanut Free Facility. 

  • Playground Waiver. Please have your guests fill out this waiver prior to your party to help expedite the entry process.

  • There is Free 2 hour parking in the parking lot underneath Cactus Restaurant. The entrance is on 63rd AVE SW

Holiday Party_Marketing.png

We just had our daughter’s 6th Birthday Party at Outer Space Seattle and it really is the perfect place to host a kids birthday party. The staff take care of everything, which means you as parents actually have time to spend with your guests. The play structure is super entertaining for kids and the building has a lovely layout for adults to supervise from below, but still have adult conversation. The large windows make for a bright, joyful, memorable, day. Thank you Outer Space Seattle!

Megan G. 

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