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Outer Space Seattle: A Farewell and an Opportunity for New Leadership

Seattle, WA 11/9/2023
Outer Space Seattle Announces Business Closure and Search for a New Owner

It is with a mix of emotions and deep gratitude that Outer Space Seattle, the beloved Indoor Playground and Party venue located on Alki Avenue, announces it will be shuttering its doors this December.  


Outer Space Seattle, known for its space-themed play structure and creative artwork, has been a haven for children and families in the West Seattle community since its inception just four short years ago. Outer Space hosted countless memorable events, was often present at outdoor community events, and fostered a sense of belonging among its patrons and staff.


Owner Caitlin Huertas is currently seeking another organization, individual, or group who may be interested in carrying forward the spirit and legacy of Outer Space Seattle, either at its current location or via a relocation of its play structure to another suitable site. Absent a suitable successor, their last day of operation will be Friday, December 22nd.  Outer Space would like to remind families that if you have any active gift-cards or play passes, to please redeem them before closing as we are unable to provide refunds. 


For more information please contact Caitlin Huertas at


For inquiries, or expressions of interest in acquiring Outer Space Seattle, please contact  Susanna Tran or Julie Shizukuishi of West Coast Commercial Realty at 206-283-5212.


Susanna Tran

Julie Shizukuishi

Support Us During This Challenging Time


With the news of our closing, many people have reached out to see how they can help. We are incredibly grateful for the outpouring of support from our valued customers, and we want to express our heartfelt thanks.


How You Can Help 

  1. Keep Coming In: While our time together may be limited, we invite you to continue visiting us and enjoy our custom-build playground and sensory room. Your patronage during this period can make a significant difference for us.

  2. Order Food and Drinks: Please order your favorite dishes and beverages from us. Place an order, dine in, or takeout, and savor the moments you've cherished with us.

  3. Support Us Financially: If you're looking for a way to offer more substantial support, we welcome donations to help with loans, debt, and back rent that has accumulated due to the pandemic. Your contributions, no matter the amount, will go a long way in easing the financial burdens we face as a small business. 


How to Make a Donation

  • Click the "Donate" button below and choose the amount you'd like to contribute.

  • Your generous contribution will be used to settle outstanding financial obligations, ensuring a smoother transition during our closure.


We appreciate your loyalty and support throughout our journey, and we're truly thankful for any assistance you can provide during these challenging times. Together, we can ensure that our legacy lives on, even as we take our final bow. Thank you for being a part of our story. Your kindness means the world to us.



Caitlin Huertas 

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